Binbilla Landscaping was founded in 1989 by Anna Edgerly. Anna was raised in Australia, traveled across the world for 10 years, and finally settled down in the Roaring Fork Valley in the early 1980s where she has remained ever since.

Years of traveling took Anna fishing and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef; riding her bike across Europe; sailing the Nile through Egypt and the Sudan; hiking the mountains of Peru; and scouring the street markets for art in Hong Kong, Thailand and Istanbul. While her formal school training was directed towards interior design, Anna’s curiosities have also led her to work as everything from a private chef to an ornamental metal designer/fabricator and finally a professional garden designer.

Anna’s zeal for variety has brought her a wide assortment of landscaping skills. She has designed and/or installed everything from small gardens to large ranches. She has worked in diverse climates from the mountains of Colorado, to the tropics of Australia and Mexico and the coasts of the Spanish Mediterranean. With a strong belief in continuing education, Anna has taken many courses in building natural water features; dry stone wall construction and restoration; sustainable organic vegetable garden ecosystems; composting; fruit tree establishment; and even beekeeping.

Exploring the world to such a degree deeply ingrained a multitude of images that now resonate and help define Anna’s taste and style. Anna’s ability to draw form her background allows her to enhance a clients vision, regardless of a project’s size or complexity.

Binbilla is an aboriginal word loosely translating into “bountiful place”.